The St. John's Prayer List
A regularly updated list of people in need of prayer.

Alice Cooley
Rose Doster
Rick Lipka
Sandy Noyes
Lowell Rothenberger
Walter Stankowski
Bonnie Marciniak
John Anderson 
Linda Harris
Maynard Bunn
Richard Lehman
Brandon Noyes
Judy Tolsma
Rick Blanch
Cathy Pulvirenti
Mark Henger
James Thompson
Heather Gulas-Polanski
Jenna Dasta
Mary Quinn
Judy Lew
Philip Polanski
Bernadette Acker
Mark Koeppel
Danese Dick
Daniel Leary
Mary Ann Leary
Susan Cerullo
Julia Ramey
Steve Pepper
Bob Rackl



Pray for our friends and loved ones
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.”

Kyle Farr
Ali Gaston
(The Czachorowski's)
Debbie DePerno,
(Paul and Georgie Napier)
Debra Fischer, Joann Fischer 
(Edie and Dick Fischer)
Nancy Boehm
(Janet Hender)
Marilyn Lew, Pearl Hettinger
(The Lew Family)
Joe Angelo, Maria Sayers
(Betty & Joe Angelo)
Mark Schmidt
(Donna Heine)
Mark Luderman
(Sandy Noyes)
Doug Krachala
(Nancy Kessler)
Bonnie Thompson, Jon Horton
(Mark and Soni Schnitzer)
Mary Ann Stroka
(Lexi Lang)
John Schleifer
(Vicky Wienke)
Stacey Gates, Brooke Bremiller, Alycia Schaub
(Maxine & Jim Steiner) 
Sharon Dehn, Phil Polanski 
(Christopher & Heather Gulas-Karaszewski)
Pat Bilotte Ulrich
(Laura Loehr)
Joanne Blaisure, Pat Ronk, Eileen Blaisure
(Julie, Isabella & Gianna Marrano)
Jillian Karalunas
(Nancy Blanch)
Jill Marsiglia
(Deborah Maziarz)
Albert Wienke
(Harris & Vicky Wienke)
Jon Doster, Laurie Josefiak
(Charlie & Connie Arnold)
Judy Lew
(Lew Family)
Lincoln Richard
(Elaine Thomas)
Joe Zakrzewski
(Danese Dick)
Marilyn Mohr, Dee Kuhn
Perillo, Kuhn, Mohr and Gentile Families
(Sandra Perillo)
Arlene Kingston
(Heather Gulas-Polanski)
Linda Fowlston
(Steve & Tracey Pepper)
Joseph Machiowski
(The Bradys)
Allen Elliott
(Heather Gulas-Polanski)
Lisa Grimmer
(Joanne Schoenthaler)


Let us pray for you.
If you or someone you love needs prayer, let us know.

Prayer requests may be confidentially emailed to

A prayer for healing: 

God of compassion, your Son Jesus Christ, the great physician, made the broken whole and healed the sick. Touch our wounds, relieve our hurts, and restore to us wholeness of life, through the same Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.